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Catch the Tyde

Technology and innovation are enablers of new experiences. 

At Tyde we use technology and innovation not only to create joyful moments but also to care for the legacy we leave in the world.

Foil V

The hydrofoil

The tandem foiling system on a Tyde is rooted in America’s Cup DNA and evolved into a new generation of high-efficiency computer-managed foils and rudders.


For The Icon we developed an unmatched foiling experience with easy and comfortable handling and superior control authority even in rougher seas. 


The flight control system scans the surrounding sea at various points hundreds of times per second. Embedded hardware components provide real-time control without delay. Derived from aviation standards, the control system features redundant safety and the highest flight capabilities.


A world-class hull

The Icon’s hull brings together the latest cutting-edge technologies from America’s Cup racing with decades of experience in boat design. The hybrid shape of the hull is optimized both for the displacement and foiling modes, providing several benefits.


The wide concave-convex bottom gives exceptional stability at rest and reduces the speed and energy needed for the take-off.


Hull sections at the bow soften the ride while foiling in rough seas and smooth the entrance to the water both during landing and nose-diving.


The drag in displacement mode is minimized, significantly increasing the battery range not only in foiling but also at slow speeds.

Elevated by technology

Good is in the details

To elevate performance sustainably, we combine in-depth knowledge with breakthrough technology. We marry a holistic mindset with attention to detail. We put technology at the service of joy and sustainability.


A digital leader at sea

Experience the power of the future with the electrifying buzz of digitalization. Digital interaction has become a central part of the user experience on a Tyde. This is an all-digital yacht with integrated computer architecture. 


Tyde’s integrated architecture enables many unique features that create a new experience.

This is reflected in the holistic user interface with a display unrivalled in the marine industry and advanced functions like voice control for key commands.


Elevate your style, leave no trace behind!

Looking fly

A Tyde is more than just unrivalled appearance. It is a synthesis of style and sustainability that leaves no impact on the environment.