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003 Purpose

Turn the Tyde

Climate-friendly mobility on the water is progressing slower when compared to the dynamic developments seen in road mobility. Many segments of marine mobility are still operating 100% on fossil fuels. We believe that it needs attractive and captivating products to bring a paradigm shift to the marine segment. That is what we do.




Disrupting marine mobility for good

We are literally turning the Tyde, fixing the broken link of sustainable luxury marine mobility. The Tyde hydrofoil technology elevates the vessel out of the water and flies on a cushion of air, reducing drag and increasing speed. Gliding just above the surface of the ocean. With graceful efficiency – on a carefree ride over the deep – Just like a Tyde.

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A movement to disrupt the marine industry for the better.

There is a change in the air

Tyde is a movement. 

A movement to disrupt the marine industry for the better. A sustainable solution for saving energy and decarbonizing marine mobility, Tyde delivers climate-friendly, luxury travel on water for today and tomorrow.


Tyde brings together a unique combination of hydrofoil technology, electric propulsion and the selective use of circular material to redefine emission-free marine mobility. It is this kind of future-focused thinking that positions Tyde at the very forefront of luxury sustainable seafaring.