New batteries for the new class

The goal is clear: It is to build the world’s greenest electric vessels. …….

The Sound of Success

Ground-breaking lithium-ion cell technology

With the rapid development of cell technology, the BMW Group is strengthening its battery competence and accelerating the advancement of electric mobility. 
The goal is clear: It is to build the world’s greenest electric vessels. This is reflected in the New Class, a new generation of vehicles first presented by the BMW Group in March 2021. This New Class will feature a giant technological leap in electric drive systems. It will also considerably reduce the use of primary materials to ensure the production of a truly ‘green’ battery.

By the end of the decade, the aim is to increase the energy density of battery cells by at least a medium double-digit percentage – starting from today’s already high level.



Sustainable energy storage is the key to success.

BMW’s extensive commitment to developing and evaluating innovative cell formats, cell chemistry and cell modules constitutes a vast potential in the field of global battery technology. Therefore, the BMW Group defines highly efficient and sustainable energy storage as the key success factor for the future of individual mobility.For the market launch of the New Class, for instance, the aim is to achieve decisive criteria such as range and production costs that match those of modern combustion engines. This is to attract new target groups with state-of-the-art electric mobility “engineered by BMW” – and, above all, to convince in ecological terms. The overriding goal is the development of green, low-carbon, regenerative batteries – for the world’s greenest electric vehicles.