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The ultimate flow state

Riding a Tyde yacht is akin to effortlessly gliding through the air, leaving not a single footprint upon the ocean. It offers an unparalleled experience of speed, silence, and serenity intertwined.


The Icon

Covering distances in elevated style. This is a new level of smooth elegance — a luxurious ride experience with panoramic sea views. Riding The Icon is the most exquisite way to reach your destination.

Dynamic dimensions


Discover The Icon's precise measurements and witness the harmonious blend of size and sophistication that defines our dynamic luxury yacht.

Technical data

Length overall13.15 m
Length waterline12.95 m
Breadth overall4.50 m
Light displacement10 tons
Maximum load displacement11 tons
Draft static1,90 m
Draft displacement1.87 m
Draft foiling0.85 m
Number of passengers8
Motorization, Speed & Range
Main propulsion2 x 100kW Electric Motors
Battery capacity240 kWh
Charging time5,5 h
Maximum speed33 kn
Cruising speed24 kn
Range at service speed50
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Intuitive yacht control

The Tyde's user interface is in a class of its own. Featuring a 32-inch touch display with 6K resolution, it enables a new dimension of information visualization and digital interaction.

Equipped with a voice control system, it enables you to effortlessly retrieve information, adjust settings, and activate features. From weather updates to navigation details, customizing climate controls, adjusting lighting, or fine-tuning audio preferences.


Redefining luxury mobility

The Icon is more than just a yacht; it's a canvas for your creativity. With abundant space, unrestricted headroom, a unique interior, panoramic views, and unrivaled riding comfort, she stands as the perfect tender for super-luxury yachts. She serves as an exclusive means of transport for discerning luxury clients and a watercraft for those who relish the extraordinary. Share your vision for The Icon, and we'll transform your dreams into reality.

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Elevate your senses

The sound concept on The Icon was realized by two-time Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer. It comprises pleasant, intuitive functional sounds in addition to a modern driving soundtrack. 
Dolby Atmos creates a sound experience you can feel all around you. Immerse yourself fully in a world of acoustic depth, clarity, and detail.

Your yacht, your vision

Customize your Tyde yacht to perfectly align with your personal preferences. Whether it's small adaptations or fully tailored solutions, we invite you to craft your unique style using our immersive configurator or by contacting us for a private consultation.