002 Technology

Pioneering technology

In our relentless pursuit to redefine luxury yachting, we have harnessed the potent combination of advanced hydrofoil technology and electric propulsion, leading to a breakthrough in efficiency, zero emissions, and uncompromised riding comfort.

Hydrofoil 2

The hydrofoil

Embark on an unparalleled foiling adventure with effortless and comfortable handling, empowered by superior control authority, even in challenging sea conditions. Our cutting-edge active hydrofoil technology facilitates high-speed foiling without generating waves or drag, thereby significantly extending the battery range.

Digital helm

The following functions are all seamlessly integrated in one platform: 


›  32-inch touch display, 6K resolution 

›  Voice-activated controls 

›  Chart and navigation 

›  Drive train, foiling systems, pumps information

›  Forward-looking sonar

›  AI-based collision avoidance

›  360° camera system

›  Climate control

›  Media & infotainment



The powerful electric drive system sources its energy from high-voltage and proven BMW i3 batteries with 240 kWh capacity providing a range of more than 50nm. The automotive grade batteries come with a 9-year capacity warranty.