002 Technology

Pioneering technology

In our relentless pursuit to redefine luxury yachting, we have harnessed the potent combination of advanced hydrofoil technology and electric propulsion, leading to a breakthrough in efficiency, zero emissions, and uncompromised riding comfort.

Hydrofoil 2

The hydrofoil

Embark on an unparalleled foiling adventure with effortless and comfortable handling, empowered by superior control authority, even in challenging sea conditions. Our cutting-edge active hydrofoil technology facilitates high-speed foiling without generating waves or drag, thereby significantly extending the battery range.

Digital Helm Logo I Technology

Discover the ultimate user interface

BMW’s iDrive user interface redefines user-centricity, intuitive control, and ease of use, creating the basis for the most advanced digital helm for TYDE yachts. An all-new interpretation of a simplified customer centric interface, TYDE’s helm station provides a clear presentation of information and functionality, reflecting the familiar elegance and sophistication of a BMW cockpit. The clarity of the 32-inch touch-display with 6k resolution and integrated connectivity features makes the control of your yacht enjoyable as never before. 


Embrace the future on the water as well as on the road.

BMW’s iDrive user interface

Digital helm

The following functions are all seamlessly integrated in one platform: 


›  32-inch touch display, 6K resolution 

›  Voice-activated controls 

›  Chart and navigation 

›  Drive train, foiling systems, pumps information

›  Forward-looking sonar

›  AI-based collision avoidance

›  360° camera system

›  Climate control

›  Media & infotainment

›  Over-the-air updates for always-fresh contents

›  Remote service and control

Batteries Logo I Technology

Battery technology

The powerful electric drive system sources its energy from high-voltage and proven BMW batteries. THE ICON is powered by six BMW batteries offering a total capacity of 240 kWh and enabling ranges of more than 50 nm on the water at foiling speed. 


The automotive grade batteries provide future-proofness in terms of energy density and a 9-year capacity warranty.