The luxury of silence

Riding the Tyde is a relief from noise and distractions. It allows for reflection and introspection. This is a time and space to elevate your senses. Speed, smoothness and silence combine in a new world of possible.

A quiet ride. An elevated feeling.

This futuristic thinking has been incorporated into the Tyde where bespoke composed sounds that are functional and atmospheric accompany key interactions with the vessel such as charging start/end, booting, idle-on, and foiling start/end. Sounds are designed to give the driver unmistakable acoustic feedback on the engine’s power delivery and the current driving state.

The soundscapes are a composition of various forms of sound, some more traditional, while others are a completely new kind of creation. Voices and classical instruments are at the base, while mechanical sounds and unusual combinations combine to create different tones. It’s about creating something that becomes an emotional experience.

Fly with 360° visibility

Embracing the Hans Zimmer ethos that real luxury is silence, the Tyde can offer a quiet, peaceful, luxury ride. But when sounds are called for, the technology is there to deliver.

In addition to the vessel UX-sound, the world-renowned composer has also provided a bespoke playlist for the Tyde Icon. Played through the Dolby Atmos sound system, the playlist has been selected to enhance the experience and thrill of the Tyde as you glide through the air with ease, grace, and music.