Design thinking behind the worlds fastest hull

Designed by celebrated French naval architect, Guillaume Verdier, as part of Tyde’s ‘all-star’ collaboration philosophy, the Tyde features hull design thinking that has contributed to the development of some of the fastest sailboats the world has ever seen.

Elevate your perspective 

Recognised as the world’s leading hull designer and designer of the fastest, most efficient sailboats, Verdier has been responsible for, among other things, the design of the hull and hydrofoil of the last America’s Cup winning boat. 


The aerodynamic Tyde

While he is world-renowned for his designs of high-performance sailboats, Verdier and his team also regularly collaborate and share their expert design knowledge towards the creation of innovative new vessels. As such, the Tyde Icon is the very first foiling leisure vessel to utilize thinking from America’s Cup racing for its hull design too. 
Verdier’s design for Tyde ensures the Icon’s hull has excellent aerodynamic capabilities. It is smooth through take-off and landing and delivers efficient and safe performance even in more unfavourable conditions.