The joy of infinite space

Riding the Tyde is a relief from noise and distractions. It allows for reflection and introspection. This is a time and space to elevate your senses. Speed, smoothness and silence combine in a new world of possible.

The joy of  infinite space

Luxury pleasure boating is all about enjoying nature. This is a time and space to elevate your senses. To feel the ebb and flow of the Tyde, as daylight gives way to the moonlight.

Fly with 360° visibility

The Icon from Tyde combines the immersive nature experience of an open deck vessel offering 360° visibility, with the comfort and warmth of an enclosed space. 
No need to experience the elements, when you can enjoy the amazing 360° view on the natural world while fully protected from cold, rain and wind. 
Onboard, you are at one with nature. At one with the pull of the Tyde. The luxury swivel chairs leave it to the passenger to quietly reflect on the panoramic views of the outside world or engage in conversation with fellow passengers inside.